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Smart Contracts in Python: Complete Guide

Smart contracts in Python? Don’t worry if that line doesn’t make sense. So, this post will explore the steps of deploying smart contracts in Python and help you understand how to do it independently and concisely. Like my previous one, where I discussed how to Write Your First Smart Contract || Blockchain, I will break […]

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Why Do Chinese Dumplings Hold A Cultural Significance?

Chinese Dumplings – A Delicious Introduction Dumplings hold a very prominent cultural significance in China. I will come out and say it: Chinese dumplings are my favorite part of pan-Asian cuisine. They are small and bite-sized, so they are easy to eat. There is an endless selection to stuff yourself. Flavors, meat, and vegetables, you […]


Why The Beijing Winter Olympics Felt Strange

An Introduction: Why The Beijing Winter Olympics Felt Weird The Beijing Winter Olympics felt a bit strange – that is an understatement. Why? The answer is simple. I’ll have you picture a vast stadium. A massive structure that appears from miles away. Moreover, the design resembles a vast nest with steel and metal beams crisscrossing […]