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Traditional China Trifecta: Mind, Body, and Spirit

Ah, traditional China. We all know about TCM or traditional Chinese medicine. It is one of the leading healthcare systems, coming only after modern medicine. Part of its success is due to the cutting edge science that goes into the treatments. So, TCM continues to astound physicians even today. The way TCM used plants and […]

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Exotic Food of East Asia: A List of the Most Exotic Food

Welcome to another installment in our exotic food series! Asia is famous for welcoming people and distinctive cultures. However, the essential thing that it is famous for is, of course, its exotic food. The well-known Asian foods are sushi, kimchi, Peking duck, Laksa, and cendol. But, some peculiar dishes are popular and loved among residents. […]

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Ancient Chinese Medicine: How Relevant is it Today?

Ancient Chinese medicine is a healthcare practice. It has been the go-to for all ailments and diseases in China for at least 23 centuries. That really is impressive! Ancient Chinese medicine attempts to prevent or treat disease. It does so by preserving or reestablishing the yin-yang balance. China has one of the world’s oldest medical […]