Our Roadmap exists because we need to improve our services and products. Aside the solutions should work for our customers, partners and our own team.
“People work better when they know what the goal is and why. It is important that people look forward to coming to work in the morning and enjoy working.”

Elon musk

Roadmap Sesame Disk by NiHao Cloud

Roadmap 2023:

  • We will continue with what is left over from 2022. As a matter of fact we will focus will probably be about creating an open-source tool. This tool will change the way Cloud Storage is forever;
    • Will make us the most resilient could storage in the market. Meaning that you can lose connection for a few minutes and it will still come back online. Also that we can lose a region and the system will still be available.
    • Aside will allow us to reduce prices by 3x to 5x. Uploads will be free for the metered products.
    • It will 100% open-source and free for self hosted solutions.
    • Currently the project is currently in initial prototype development stage.
  • So here are some tasks we already know will be done in 2023:
    • (Ongoing; delayed Q1 2023) Mobile app improvements for androids.
    • (Pending; Q3) Mobile app improvements for IOS.
    • Simplify shop and products so any customer who has no experience can understand them and customise them.

Help us improve

If you think we could do better or have some opinions on our plans, please provide feedback here.

Roadmap 2022 All Done:

Various General Platform, price and INFRA Improvements. Second we Improved stability and speed of the platform. Finally we upgraded backend tech.

2021 All Done:

First done was Billing Dashboard version 2.0. Also Budget product(s). Streaming and high traffic product(s). Third price improvements. more tech improvements like stats notifications & module. Then integrations with other products; LDAP/AD, Social Media. continued Various General Platform and infrastructure Improvements. Finally the plan for 2020 was completed successfully.

2020 All Done

We did alfa documents edition. In fact you can Login to see it.
Then regional deployments for Europe and North America. Third faster web interface based on ReactJS. Also you can Login to see it.
Plus ads version 1.0.; Login to see it too. Aside Rewards system version 1. Finally Various General Platform and infrastructure improvements.

The plan for 2020 was completed successfully.