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Sorting Algorithms in Python: Crash Tutorial

Sorting algorithms are a vital part of computer science due to their versatile nature. They also serve as a medium of education. These algorithms sort data in a particular order– such as alphabetical or numerical order. There are also numerous types of algorithms: brute-force, divide-and-conquer, greedy algorithms, etc. In this article, we’ll explore three popular […]

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How to Cloud using Sesame Disk!

How to Cloud: Could Storage a beginner’s guide of Nihao Cloud. It’s a necessity to learn and know how to use a cloud storage today. Why? With a cap on increasing computing hardware and increasing demand for higher specs, people have turned to cloud storage. Knowing “how to cloud” is one of the most sought-after […]

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Browse Incognito Mode

Sometimes you must browse in incognito mode, also known as an anonymous mode. For instance, when you visit links on a system like ours more than once, your browser caches old “assets.” The assets might need to be cleared out manually in some cases. So, this tends to happen significantly when the system changes over […]

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You want to become a reseller; you are welcome to get a deal with Sesame Disk by NiHao Cloud to be a reseller of Cloud Storage. The idea is; you sell and get a 10% to 35% of the initial deal. Aside you can get life long payments from the renewals of your own customers. […]

Canceling a subscription

This is a method for canceling your existing subscription of every plan. It applies to Pay as you go products like Ondemand, Freemium or Starter Plus. Aside in most cases you should also be able to use it with “legacy plans”. I am talking about plans like Business and Starter this is unless you plan […]

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Active Directory AD and OpenLDAP for Security and SSO

You might be please to know that the Sesame Disk by Nihao Cloud storage now supports AD and OpenLDAP for Security and SSO. The idea is for you to be able to bring your own LDAP users from your server and thus secure your accounts using the same credentials as the ones people regularly use […]

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Ondemand; unlimited & pay as you go!

Ondemand; Our theory is that we will help many people and change the Cloud storage business with “reserver capacity plus pay as you go products”. Meaning you that you get for cheap entry, the entry will give you a reserved amount of capacity and then bill you if you happen to need to consume more. […]

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Entrepreneurship and cloud services.

Better to pay or enjoy the free versions? Entrepreneurship practitioners and for people in general. In fact they know that today it is difficult for us to live without the services of technological giants. I am talking about Google, Dropbox or Amazon. Indeed their resources allow us to store documents and files and access them […]