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How Beauty Trends Shape China’s Future

How Beauty Trends Shape China’s Future – An Introduction

The beauty trends & China’s future go hand in hand. The Future of the cosmetic industry is here and it proves that all that glitters, really is gold. It is to nobody’s surprise how quickly, in China, the beauty industry is moving. It is therefore, becoming much more accessible to the public. A big hand in promoting this are the latest trends that go viral online. They become so popular, the Chinese youth has no choice but to check them out. Makeup, skincare and cosmetic procedures are extremely appealing to the public. Because, who doesn’t want to look their best at all times? While this is a true fact all over the world, it is definitely making waves especially among the Chinese youth. And it’s safe to say that The current beauty trends shape china’s future greatly!

Trends Shape China's Future

Cosmetic procedures like Botox and Juvéderm treatments, have a hype of their own. However, it is makeup that remains the superior cosmetic tool that people rely on. And why not? It can be easily removed, isn’t permanent and so very versatile. There are so many latest beauty trends going around and China’s future is highly dependent on it. With a swish of your wrist, you have golden eyeliner that accentuates the Asian eye shape. With a dab or two, you have shimmering glitters that make you stand out in a crowd. Burgundy lips, soft pink lips, glossy lips, cracked lips, there are enough lipstick trends to make a whole encyclopedia. Makeup, therefore, truly has it all!
The best part is: it can all be removed and started over with one swipe of a cotton pad. And as a beauty blogger, I can say that by experience.

Latest Beauty Trends And The Social Media Impact On China’s Future

The future generations of China are already evolving. They are definitely not like what their parents were: traditional being the key word here. In today’s day and age, people are gradually shifting away from traditional jobs and lifestyles. They are more focused on what is new and what is popular. Because mainstream social media apps and websites like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are inaccessible in 

China, the government has made their own. Take the popular video sharing website called Youku. Thousands of creators from all across China post there, including those that do makeup. The Chinese youth that is the most active demographic on these platforms consumes whatever content is posted on there. 

beauty trends in china

So, when these self-taught makeup content creators post about their favorite upcoming eyeshadow palette or when they post a makeup hack, their audience picks it up and from there it becomes viral. When it becomes viral enough, people form all over the internet (in China) share and express their views about this new technique or product. The original video becomes a hub of views and new videos are made talking about it or recreating. This is an endless loop that only ends when the topic becomes irrelevant or goes out of style.  

As mentioned before, the makeup industry, with its products and techniques, really has become extremely accessible in China. And with becoming so popular they certainly have a hand in leaving their mark on the world. Big makeup companies are now having their products made and packaged in China. So, it is to no wonder how exactly the Chinese youth has access to their products. 

Beauty trends going viral

Let us talk now about the online viral makeup trends that have taken a hold on the Chinese youth. 

A simple yet strikingly gorgeous technique: the cut crease eyeshadow look. When it first became a trend people were using concealer to lighten the lid area and then filling it in later with a lighter eyeshadow color. And this worked for a lot of people until one day, somebody came up with the technique of holding the bowl part of a spoon to your lid and smudging a darker eyeshadow color at the top. Soon, you could find every top-rated makeup artist or content creator trying this technique out for themselves. 

This goes to show exactly how much the beauty industry is responsible for shaping the future of makeup and content creators. 

Another example here is not exactly of makeup but it really did impact the globe with its popularity. The Ordinary’s AHA + BHA chemical peeling solution. What started as a Tiktok trend, because of its bright blood-resembling texture and color, became an instant hit and The Ordinary became a staple in everybody’s skincare collection. This chemical peeling solution remains one of the highest sought-after products in not only the USA but world-wide and especially in China. Not long after the product became viral, people everywhere started talking about its benefits, how important it was for the skin and all the good things about this product. 

This is what is important: when something becomes instantly popular, everybody regardless of their geographic location want to try it out for themselves. This, in turn, results in the product having huge sales and therefore becoming very popular. These online trends have the power to make a product go up in sales and a product to lose its followers and discourage people from buying them. 

Beauty Trends Shape China’s Future – Conclusion

In conclusion, online trends are becoming a huge part of online culture. And sales are extremely dependent on them. What this means for china and the Chinese youth is simple: an online unanimous opinion has the power to shape how and where you spend your time, attention and money. I am beyond convinced that the latest beauty trends impact China’s Future and will continue doing so.

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Entrepreneurship General Topics and tips

How The Cosmetic Industry Took Over China

How The Cosmetic Industry Took Over China – At A Glance

Cosmetic procedures are becoming the new norm in China


It is to no one’s surprise that China is one of the world’s fastest-growing countries. Not only in population statistics, but in technology, medical advancement, and now even in the cosmetic industry including cosmetic procedures. With the advancement of technology and the popularity of cosmetic products through social media, China; is being ahead of the rest of the world. When it comes to manufacturing and product supply, China is now being taken over by the cosmetic industry.

How the industry reels them in

The appeal is there!
Products that enhance your natural beauty, procedures that make you ageless, and an endless supply of products that accentuate your features. The pursuit of beauty truly knows no bounds. China has a huge population regardless and so even if the products are made in China, for the people in China, there is already a huge market already present.

Beauty supplies and make-up products, medical cosmetic procedures are also on the rise. Plastic surgery, Botox treatments, and skin procedures like Juvéderm are also very, very popular. Furthermore, the cosmetic industry is vast and diverse when it comes to procedures, products, and supply and because of this, it has become extremely accessible in China.

Cosmetic Industry Impact On Social Media

How The Cosmetic Industry Took Over China – In-Depth

It is a global truth: people want vanity. They are obsessed with looking their best because when people look their best, they feel their best. So, when people feel their best, they are more confident. For this reason, precisely, products or procedures that aid in them in feeling their very best selves are on the rise.

Companies are targeting the public by promising them their very best selves if they buy this product or that perfume or if they buy this vitamin supplement they’ll appear more beautiful. Because of this, this phenomenon has worked, all over the world! The demand for these products has gone sky high and to meet this and so has the supply.

In addition, companies, especially cosmetic companies and those that engage in cosmetic medical procedures are profiting heavily.

To answer the question of how exactly the cosmetic industry has taken over China plainly: social media influence, popularity, access to procedures and products, and hype.

Ladies are seen at a local cosmetic shop

To answer the question of how exactly the cosmetic industry has taken over China in detail, let’s break these down:

Social Media Influence:

Living in the 21st century, we know how influential social media can
be. WeChat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Youku and Facebook are at the top of social media companies that promote brands.
In a country like China where the population is already so vast in
number, social media exists as one of the main influential tool
companies use to promote their products.

They do this by:

I. Promoting their brand and the brands’ products on people’s
home pages on social media platforms: e.g., people’s
Instagram’s home page

II. Hiring influencers or social media celebrities to talk about their products to their followers.
This helps in more and more people knowing about the brand and its products while also knowing all the qualities and attributes of the product for e.g., a lipstick and its shades, a coffee bean package, and its variations.

Companies also have the options of running ads.
By running ads of their products on social media, people have no choice but to engage with the posts that show the products. They can do this on all social media platforms like Youku, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All these actions result in the product getting more and more coverage, adding to its popularity which again, benefits the company as more and more people are interested in buying it


When a cosmetic product, procedure, or anything related to that is
launched to the public, a particular hype is created to let the public know a little bit about the product. Lots of companies do this. They do it sometimes by hiring billboards, digital ad space on TVs, newspapers excerpts, and in the digital age, creating ads. China is no exception to this.

When the cosmetic industry moves, it moves quickly and when such a huge population has your attention, your supply is sure to run out quick.

Popularity of a product or procedure especially those of cosmetic quality is an amazing tool to making business and the higher the popularity of your product, the more the public is interested in buying it. Popularity is something that everybody strives for when it comes to themselves and their businesses.

Access to products and procedures:

Globalization is a great tool. It promotes trends that may start
somewhere in some country, but if it picks up the pace, it starts trending all over the world. But China is different. As a communist country existing in today’s day and age, they encourage their public to use their own locally made social media apps. Despite them not being
so in touch with the outside world, China has still made its own trends that are made for and made by the Chinese public for themselves and by themselves.

Again, because of these trends and popularity, the access to getting these cosmetic procedures and products have become widely known. It is now very easy to go get your lips done, get Botox, and other procedures because of their sheer appeal created by social media and the access to which is very easy. The public is aware that these procedures are available in most places and they can get them at a reasonable price too. An endless supply of cosmetic products is also available to the public to buy.

All in all, the cosmetic industry is profiting heavily from China and its people. Medical cosmetic procedures that enhance one’s features are also an aspect of how the cosmetic industry has taken over the Chinese people with its appeal.


To sum this up, China is ultimately a huge marketplace. They have a very diverse population but the one thing that the majority has in common is the pursuit of vanity.

The cosmetic industry knows exactly this and therefore has put China at the top of the list of consumers they want to target. Be it cosmetic medical procedures or beauty product supplies, the cosmetic industry has taken a hold of the Chinese market.

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