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  • LangChain: Beginner’s Guide to Building Language Models
    Ever wished your computer could read your mind and be your interpreter, translator, and guide? Wish no more… because of LangChain. LangChain is a versatile and comprehensive framework designed for […]
  • Role of AI in Shaping Our Everyday Lives
    Imagine a world where your morning alarm automatically adjusts based on your sleep cycle, your car predicts the least congested route to work, and a virtual assistant schedules your day […]
  • LLaMA and ChatGPT: Exploring Two Major AI LLMs
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has entered a new era with a broad range of applications. One of the most crucial developments of this AI is the Large Language Model (LLM). Also, […]
  • Unity Game Development Engine: How to Create an Endless Runner Game
    Creating a game has never been easier than now by using the Unity game development engine. Whether you want to play in a 2D, 3D, FPS Action, or Endless Runner, […]
  • Colossal AI: A Deep Dive into the Open-Source Chatbot Framework
    In a digital revolution, chatbots have ascended the throne, reshaping the landscape of human-machine communication. Yet, it’s the unprecedented rise of revolutionary AI chatbots like ChatGPT, and the pioneering Colossal […]
  • Mojo Programming for AI: Better than Python?
    If you’re passionate about staying at the cutting edge of AI innovation, you’re in the right place! As we lunge into the future, being at the forefront of AI technology […]
  • Mojo Language 101 🔥: Complete Guide
    Ever feel like you’re swimming against the tide, striving to make sense of the growing complexities and progress of artificial intelligence development? In our turbocharged, competitive world, the mantra is […]
  • ChatGPT Prompts: Integrate AI to 8X Your Daily Workflow
    Buckle up as we dive back into the world of ChatGPT with another fascinating update! ChatGPT prompts, featured in our previous posts, have continued to redefine boundaries and make our […]
  • ChatGPT API: Automate Content Generation with Python
    Introduction to Content Generation with Python and ChatGPT API Are you tired of spending hours sifting through long articles or struggling to come up with fresh ideas? Imagine if there […]
  • Sentiment Analysis on Social Media Platforms Using Python
    In this modern day and age, data is an asset to individuals and organizations. You might have heard this term, Big Data, as one of the hottest topics in the […]
  • Sorting Algorithms in Python: Crash Tutorial
    Sorting algorithms are a vital part of computer science due to their versatile nature. They also serve as a medium of education. These algorithms sort data in a particular order– […]
  • ChatGPT AI: Features to 6X Your Productivity in 2023
    It’s no exaggeration to say that ChatGPT AI has taken over the world. Everyone has heard of it by now. It’s a sensation. And why not? ChatGPT is a revolutionary […]
  • How to Cloud using Sesame Disk!
    How to Cloud: Could Storage a beginner’s guide of Nihao Cloud. It’s a necessity to learn and know how to use a cloud storage today. Why? With a cap on […]
  • Nude Images: Classification of NSFW Images
    Here’s a question for you: Could AI be as good as, or better, than humans at image recognition, especially when it comes to nude images? How does the classification of […]
  • Cybersecurity Jobs: Hottest Careers of 2023
    The increased dependence on technology has led to the global use of cyber technology such as smartphones, laptops, smart devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other similar devices. Hence, […]



The tech Blog is for our readers; our writers have a lot to share with you about our areas of expertise. Feel free to look around and read what seems of interest to you.

How did it all get started and you got this blog?

We were a distributed team in Mainland China, APAC, Australia, Europe, Africa and USA. Moreover there was no good option for safe file-sharing and collaboration works. A a result we decided ti find a solutions for the problem. Finally as a consequence Sesame Disk by NiHao Cloud was born, of course this is the simplified version of the story.

We help companies and individuals collaborate cross borders. For instance remote teams collaboration sending large files, keeping them safe or collaborating real time with colleagues all over the world is still a challenge for many organizations and individuals. In fact our main service is knowledge and services around collaboration, store, share files as well as it’s infrastructure. Likewise we pride on providing good support and an honest business model.

This has taken use to specialize in many technologies, laws, regions of the globe, cultures, etc. Our team is also of many different backgrounds and nationalities and we love it! So we had the initiative to share it all with you via a blog.

Aside from reading The Blog check out our products detailed description.

Enjoy the read! Content is to follow the tradition from out old blog at The original NiHao Cloud website.