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The tech Blog is for our readers; our writers have a lot to share with you about our areas of expertise. Feel free to look around and read what seems of interest to you.

How did it all get started and you got this blog?

We were a distributed team in Mainland China, APAC, Australia, Europe, Africa and USA. Moreover there was no good option for safe file-sharing and collaboration works. A a result we decided ti find a solutions for the problem. Finally as a consequence Sesame Disk by NiHao Cloud was born, of course this is the simplified version of the story.

We help companies and individuals collaborate cross borders. For instance remote teams collaboration sending large files, keeping them safe or collaborating real time with colleagues all over the world is still a challenge for many organizations and individuals. In fact our main service is knowledge and services around collaboration, store, share files as well as it’s infrastructure. Likewise we pride on providing good support and an honest business model.

This has taken use to specialize in many technologies, laws, regions of the globe, cultures, etc. Our team is also of many different backgrounds and nationalities and we love it! So we had the initiative to share it all with you via a blog.

Aside from reading The Blog check out our products detailed description.

Enjoy the read! Content is to follow the tradition from out old blog at The original NiHao Cloud website.