Canceling a subscription

This is a method for canceling your existing subscription of every plan. It applies to Pay as you go products like Ondemand, Freemium or Starter Plus. Aside in most cases you should also be able to use it with “legacy plans”. I am talking about plans like Business and Starter this is unless you plan creation was many years ago.

We have also created some new products that make it viable for you store information at low cost or for free. You might be able to use those instead of canceling. For that end check out the products Freemium and in general the billing schema of all the new Pay as you go products (Ondemand, Personal Plus, etc). This plans can help reduce costs or nullify costs without cancellation if you do not need to use the plan much. This is because the storage and download and upload bills are independent from each other.

Get the canceling done!

To cancel a subscription if you happen to need it, just go to the Cloud Storage and once you login click on the top right cycle icon.

Canceling subscription.

Once you are in the billing dashboard. Then go to the cancel button depending of the plan click cancel and follow instructions.

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Click cancel to end the subscription

With this said, there will be cases when this does not work. Most of the time it can happen for very OLD plans. Feel free to contact our support team is that is the case. We also have many more help materials in our zendesk guide.

Finally if the system tells you it can not cancel or delete the subscription it should give you a clear reazon. Like for instance your account still has other user. This means you need to go to the Administration dashboard instead of the billing dashboard. There on the admin side you should delete all other users. This will cause their information to be lost, so make sure you know what you are doing. Once cancelled the plan will go back to the free version (Personal Free).

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