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Nextcloud Docker: Private Cloud Storage on your Server

Nextcloud is a free cloud storage service you can build on your private server with Docker. Nextcloud, like Sesame Disk by Nihao Cloud, lets you collaborate with open office, sync files and share with your friend or colleague, among various options. Moreover it’s free and open source, but you can also buy enterprise offers with more features. […]

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Chinese Street Food Gems You Don’t Want To Miss

Chinese street food is one of the best in the whole world! The best way to see China’s vibrant food industry is to eat your way around the country. Several possibilities include rice balls, crepes, dumplings, and even hamburgers. A major aspect of Chinese dining culture is street food. Tucked away in little alleyways are […]

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Chinese Gifts: How To Not Offend Chinese People

Whether it is Chinese New Year, someone’s birthday, an anniversary, or even a housewarming party, we know we must show up with a gift. But you shouldn’t give some gifts in Chinese culture! Chinese gifts are a very personal way of saying, “I’m glad I’m here; thank you for inviting me.” We know this because […]

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Browse Incognito Mode

Sometimes you must browse in incognito mode, also known as an anonymous mode. For instance, when you visit links on a system like ours more than once, your browser caches old “assets.” The assets might need to be cleared out manually in some cases. So, this tends to happen significantly when the system changes over […]

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Video Conferencing with Jitsi on K8s

Hello, are you as excited as I am? Well, you should be because, in this article, I will explain the steps to build a video conferencing Jitsi app with K8s. Jitsi is an open-source video conferencing app that uses webrtc technology. It is similar to video conferencing on Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet apps. Moreover, […]

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Deploy WordPress on K8s; Kubernetes & WP

In this post, you will learn to deploy WordPress on k8s (Kubernetes) managed from DigitalOcean. WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) for creating websites easily. By using PHP and MySQL to support WordPress in building a content management system, we can create many websites, blogs, and other website-based applications by learning how to […]

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Kubernetes nodes: K8s setup and run apps

Setup a kubernetes multi-node cluster from scratch and run a simple app on it. Kubernetes is a Linux based open source platform that automates or manages applications in containers. With Kubernetes, you can efficiently respond to the requests by consumers by using Kubernetes nodes. Kubernetes is in a thriving ecosystem. Kubernetes services, support, and tools […]

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Finding The Perfect Spouse in China

Finding The Perfect Spouse in China: An Introduction Finding The Perfect Spouse in China can be a bit of a handful! This ‘marketplace’ is not just a metaphor. This marketplace of potential brides and grooms is simply a reality for most people looking for partners. These partners are either for themselves and/or their sons and […]