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Outlawed Foot Binding Practice in China

Outlawed Foot Binding Practice in China: The Subjectivity of Beauty Before we get into the Outlawed foot binding practice in China (you may also have seen it as feet binding), I would like to explore the concept of beauty– an entirely subjective idea. As former colonies of Europe and European powers, one might describe beauty […]

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Finding The Perfect Spouse in China

Finding The Perfect Spouse in China: An Introduction Finding The Perfect Spouse in China can be a bit of a handful! This ‘marketplace’ is not just a metaphor. This marketplace of potential brides and grooms is simply a reality for most people looking for partners. These partners are either for themselves and/or their sons and […]

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The Harsh Truth About Social Media in China

Maintaining a highly conservative socialist environment depends on keeping the people happy and looking away from other countries with democratic cultures.
The last thing China desires is an uprising of the people against its government because of the chaos. The perpetuation of a strict check and balance system must be in effect.

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Load Balance MySQL Using HAProxy

HAProxy or High Availability Proxy is a high performance open-source TCP/HTTP load balancer. software that has several product choices. We can use community version as load balancer software on our servers. Discussing Load Balance with MySQL will be the key theme for this post. Load Balancers power the uptime of organizations with large infrastructures and […]

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Write First Smart Contract in Solidity | Blockchain

Hence, define the function store (which stores someone’s favourite number), passing a variable to store a number input from the user. Assign the favourite number variable created above (with public scope) to the local variable passed in the function.

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Mastering PostgreSQL and MySQL Databases In Hours

Today, multiple flavors of SQL databases exist with versatile use cases, like MySQL and Postgres databases. It ends up being a hard choice: which SQL database do you want to use, which SQL database does your organization use; which SQL database is in the most demand? Our post Picking The Right SQL Database For You […]

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You want to become a reseller; you are welcome to get a deal with Sesame Disk by NiHao Cloud to be a reseller of Cloud Storage. The idea is; you sell and get a 10% to 35% of the initial deal. Aside you can get life long payments from the renewals of your own customers. […]

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Cloud and DevOps: A match made in heaven

How the relationship between Cloud and DevOps affects the industry. The cloud and DevOps are the new kids on the block. They might not be what you expect, but together they make a good team. Cloud is known for providing scalable resources and DevOps is known for automation of deployment processes. Together these two technologies […]