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How to Serve Media Content Through NiHao Cloud?

Visuals and media content are much more important for the overall impression of applications. We prefer visuals over textual content. There is no meaning of visuals if they’re not of high quality. With the emergence of cloud environments, we have found a way of effectively storing the data. But the question lies on how to deliver that media to clients. Let’s see how we can leverage Sesame Disk by NiHao Cloud to enhance the performance.

Design and develop

What’s the use case?

Suppose you’re running a website that obviously has high-quality images and probably videos. Rather than storing all content on the webserver and chokes its performance, store all files in a cloud provider and enable public visibility. Nowadays, object storage provides allows publicly accessible links so we can simply paste those links in our web content load in the runtime.

High-level benefits of this setup:

  • Enhances webserver performance because we’re not actually storing any media in it.
  • No worries regarding managing the media on our own as a cloud provider will maintain.
  • Furthermore, we can set CDN for those objects to ensure faster delivery.


Find below a simple code where one webpage is having an image in it. Basically, the image is stored in the NiHao cloud systems and a link for public access is generated and fed in the code. Click on share in the NiHao cloud console and generate a link. The link will look something like this:$%#!!#/?dl=1
Simple code for the website

This is as simple as it looks.! Whenever someone will hit your website, the textual and media content will be loaded simultaneously and will look seamless process.

Website showing image called from NiHao cloud

Such setup helps a lot for larger and complex environments and makes the process way more sufficient to manage. And the end-user will also get enhanced performance if CDN is integrated. Sesame Disk offers CDN service by default to ensure clients get the best possible response always. Do read article on lazy loading content which is very much related to article above!

General Topics Products and services Storage

Enhance Team Productivity with Web Office

With great powers comes great responsibilities.!”. In this revolutionary internet and data-driven era, everything is much handier and easily accessible. But this can turn into a curse if proper management is not present. If you want to achieve personal and business goals, the management of your data and resources is one of the key aspects. Web office solutions are one of the most effective the answer to sorting all the mess in your environment. Here at our company we are betting on this feature for helping our customers.

Web based collaboration

What does Web Office mean?

A web office is a bundle of various tools hosted by the service providers that allow users to share and collaborate on a broad set of information and documentation. Besides, such SaaS(Software-as-a-service) products help improving team collaboration.

Web office components normally include spreadsheets, word docs, portal and content management systems, emails, calendars, accounting applications, and many more…

Key differences between Desktop and Cloud-based collaboration services:
  • For cloud-based service, one doesn’t need to invest upfront in the hardware and maintenance whereas, in desktop-based solutions, the whole workflow is dependent on the management team. So, cloud-based solutions are cost-effective.
  • For web-based collaboration services, the sky is the limit of storage. In other words, the tenant gets nearly infinite storage.
  • No licensing and software upgrading required in managed service. However, it’s the opposite in desktop-based usage.
  • Web office is portable and accessible anytime anywhere. Teams can collaborate across the globe. By the way I also mean you can access using any device with a web browser; phone, laptop, table, PC, etc.
  • Higher data durability and availability are provided in a web-based solution. It indeed becomes a tedious job to maintain such in desktop-based solution.

Undoubtedly, the web office holds an upper hand in current industry needs and aligns exactly with the requirements. Depending on the needs and size of the organization, choose the right plan and external integration strategies to enhance the productivity of your teams. Sesame Disk as a file sharing service, provides such solutions and ticks all the boxes of what a team collaboration needs.