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SaaS Cloud Storage

An increasing number of businesses are choosing cloud services and adopting the cloud ecosystem day by day. In simple terms, cloud services mean using someone else’s hardware devices and paying only the amount you use. Compared to on-premises, cloud storage as service solutions like IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS offer major benefits in productivity and cost. […]

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Ondemand; unlimited & pay as you go!

Ondemand; Our theory is that we will help many people and change the Cloud storage business with “reserver capacity plus pay as you go products”. Meaning you that you get for cheap entry, the entry will give you a reserved amount of capacity and then bill you if you happen to need to consume more. […]

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Entrepreneurship and cloud services.

Better to pay or enjoy the free versions? Entrepreneurship practitioners and for people in general. In fact they know that today it is difficult for us to live without the services of technological giants. I am talking about Google, Dropbox or Amazon. Indeed their resources allow us to store documents and files and access them […]

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Performance Test of NiHao Cloud with curl

Performance Test of NiHao Cloud using curl In today’s dynamic world, time is the most critical aspect for any business person. Whether it’s deciding to trade off or launching a new product, reaching the customers within the least possible time filter you from the majority crowd. Updated on: June 22, 2021 How much your customers […]

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Serve media using NiHao Cloud

Visuals and media content are much more important for the overall impression of applications. We prefer visuals over textual content. There is no meaning of visuals if they’re not of high quality. With the emergence of cloud environments, we have found a way of effectively storing the data. But the question lies on how to […]

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Enhance Team Productivity with Web Office

With great powers comes great responsibilities.!”. In this revolutionary internet and data-driven era, everything is much handier and easily accessible. But this can turn into a curse if proper management is not present. If you want to achieve personal and business goals, the management of your data and resources is one of the key aspects. […]

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Lazy Loading: Intro

This post has been updated on May 31, 2021. “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Graphical representation has the ability to impact straight to us and can deliver the intention on point. Do we still need examples like the shinchan cartoon to prove that images can turn conscious human beings into crazy heads? The […]

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What is Domain Name System (DNS) Poisoning?

DNS Poisoning Definition: Domain Name System (DNS) poisoning is a type of cyber-attack that chokes the DNS server to divert the web traffic to non-legitimate destinations. In addition, the user may receive a chain of unwanted unregulated events that can potentially harm the system. Let’s understand DNS poisoning step by step. Updated On: june 30, […]