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Why Do Chinese Dumplings Hold A Cultural Significance?

Chinese Dumplings – A Delicious Introduction Dumplings hold a very prominent cultural significance in China. I will come out and say it: Chinese dumplings are my favorite part of pan-Asian cuisine. They are small and bite-sized, so they are easy to eat. There is an endless selection to stuff yourself. Flavors, meat, and vegetables, you […]

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Face Recognition in Python: A Beginner’s Guide

Face Recognition in Python: A Beginner’s Guide will be an utterly fascinating post about something that is both scary and amazing– face detection and analysis using artificial intelligence in Python. How cool is that? How terrifying is that?  Before getting into it, I think it’s important to lay some ground framework. I’ll list a few […]

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Kubernetes nodes: K8s setup and run apps

Setup a kubernetes multi-node cluster from scratch and run a simple app on it. Kubernetes is a Linux based open source platform that automates or manages applications in containers. With Kubernetes, you can efficiently respond to the requests by consumers by using Kubernetes nodes. Kubernetes is in a thriving ecosystem. Kubernetes services, support, and tools […]

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Finding The Perfect Spouse in China

Finding The Perfect Spouse in China: An Introduction Finding The Perfect Spouse in China can be a bit of a handful! This ‘marketplace’ is not just a metaphor. This marketplace of potential brides and grooms is simply a reality for most people looking for partners. These partners are either for themselves and/or their sons and […]

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The Harsh Truth About Social Media in China

Maintaining a highly conservative socialist environment depends on keeping the people happy and looking away from other countries with democratic cultures.
The last thing China desires is an uprising of the people against its government because of the chaos. The perpetuation of a strict check and balance system must be in effect.

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Load Balance MySQL Using HAProxy

HAProxy or High Availability Proxy is a high performance open-source TCP/HTTP load balancer. software that has several product choices. We can use community version as load balancer software on our servers. Discussing Load Balance with MySQL will be the key theme for this post. Load Balancers power the uptime of organizations with large infrastructures and […]

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Mastering PostgreSQL and MySQL Databases In Hours

Today, multiple flavors of SQL databases exist with versatile use cases, like MySQL and Postgres databases. It ends up being a hard choice: which SQL database do you want to use, which SQL database does your organization use; which SQL database is in the most demand? Our post Picking The Right SQL Database For You […]

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Normalization of SQL Database: Remove Redundancy

Normalization of database is an essential skill to know as a database designer and developer. I still remember being intimidated by what it would bring on– back when I took a SQL database course. It was scary hearing about it. Let me assure you: it is easier than you might imagine. What is important though, […]