Chinese Mandarin: Why Should You Learn it in 2022?

What is the importance of the Chinese Mandarin language today, and should you learn it? Due to its growing use in commerce, Chinese Mandarin is now regarded as a crucial language on a global scale. Chinese people work in a variety of industries around the world, including Hollywood. Hence, learning the Chinese language, Mandarin, is deemed necessary. Especially if you want to expand your career options, I would like to point out that Barack Obama, the former American president, is learning Mandarin. Even Mark Zuckerberg has also learned it as a second language.

Chinese Mandarin, interestingly is a complicated language to learn. It is also the most widely spoken native language globally- owing to the vast Chinese population. Mandarin is hard for a few reasons. For starters, English speakers find the writing system extremely difficult to understand.

Let us take a look at why the Chinese language could be helpful for you to pick up. 

Why Chinese Mandarin is Important for Travelling 

It is undeniable that Chinese Mandarin is widespread. Many individuals speak this language, from Beijing to Singapore. So, you must learn this language to make your travel enjoyable. Additionally, knowing their language would make it simpler for you to interact with the people.

People learning Mandarin to travel to China
Learning Mandarin can be useful especially if you plan on traveling to China

Asia is a vast continent. However, Chinese is crucial for learning if you plan to travel to eastern Asia. It is understood by individuals all over China and in the countries that share a border with China. As such, you need to speak it. Asking for directions in English will probably get no response, especially in rural areas. Besides, think of the upper hand you might get if you speak the language. Locals are more likely to take to you if you have a relatable factor. You might even get a good bargain if you speak their language—the best of both worlds. Cool.

Learning Chinese Mandarin was crucial when I lived in China for my university. I wanted to know how to communicate with the grocery cashier, so I knew how much it cost. I wanted to know what the locals were saying. Also, I needed to know if the street vendor was conning me. Well… he wasn’t.

The World’s Biggest Language is… Chinese Mandarin

One of the most widely spoken languages in the world is Chinese Mandarin. You might be astonished to learn that almost one-fifth of people on the planet are native speakers. You could travel quite a portion of the globe by mastering this language. Gain an edge by learning this language. It will come in handy in all walks of life.

Imagine how much your professional resume would stand out in the crowd of all other resumes. Adding mandarin as a second language will surely give you a spectacular edge. In today’s day, it is the age of modernization and globalization. The ability to know another language is a vital skill to have. Hence, knowing many languages is a successful approach.

Chinese will keep you occupied because it is a tonal language with many logograms. This is the language to learn if you want to be able to communicate with one in six individuals on the planet. It is undoubtedly the world’s largest spoken language, with an estimated 1.3 billion native speakers. 1.1 billion of whom speak Mandarin, according to Ethnologue. That is huge.

Economically Important Language

With the economic standing that China has today, you must know Mandarin. Mandarin is incredibly essential in terms of financial issues. This is one of the most important reasons to study it as a second language. It will be much simpler for you to reach this significant portion of business if you can communicate in Mandarin.

Chinese Mandarin for business
China’s growing economy makes it vital for you to learn Mandarin

Please look at the nations that use Chinese as their primary language. These include Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. These nations are light years ahead of other countries in terms of economic growth. Speaking Chinese is, in fact, frequently seen as a key to opening doors in a continent seeking innovation and industrial development—to becoming more relevant in the global economy. China’s economic activities strongly influence the Chinese Mandarin’s increasing demand. The more economic power China gathers, the more critical it will be for people to learn Mandarin. So, don’t waste time and start learning today. The right time is now.

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How Chinese is Useful in Business Dealings 

The fact that studying Chinese as a second language is so beneficial for business is another benefit. Without interpreters, it would be difficult for you to grasp the terms of the transaction. This is especially true if you are conducting business with Chinese individuals. This trade can reasonably be successful if you can comprehend and communicate in Chinese. Great, right?

China is on the brink of becoming the world’s largest economy. Many business and profit-minded people have already traded their assets for Chinese investments. This shows that the world is shifting from the USA to China regarding economic growth. This is why it is so vital for you to learn Mandarin. All your future dealings can benefit you and your business if done in Mandarin.

Ancient Culture of China and Chinese Mandarin

Another thing is that Chinese is an ancient culture that may also entice you to study it as a second language. Your ability to explore and delve deeply into the oldest literature will benefit greatly from your intensive study of this language. All the ancient legends and tales will be in your grasp. If you are a historian or are interested in how ancient China became so great, this is your gateway! The old Chinese proverbs and wisdom you can behold just by learning the language is quite a feat.

Chinese Mandarin written
All ancient knowledge will be yours if you learn Mandarin


There you have it! Here are all the reasons why you should learn Mandarin. As an upcoming economy, it would be in your best interest to learn it. That, and it will come in handy when you wish to explore the wonderful country that is known as China. 

It is good practice to stay ahead of trends, and learning Mandarin means just that. You gain expertise in a strong language. Mandarin will become more common outside of China as well.

If you enjoyed this post, please like and share it. Please share your thoughts below. To learn more about Chinese culture and society or Chinese etiquette, check out some of our recent posts. The Diverse Chinese Culture: Why I Love It and Green Tea in China and Its Significance for Culture are a couple of examples.

Edited by: Syed Umar Bukhari

By Hina Butt

Hina has spent a huge chunk of her life in China and considers it as her second home. She's a mommy of two perfect kids and now lives in Oman after moving in with her husband.
Before she started writing blog posts for SesameDisk, she got a graduate degree in Medicine(M.B.B.S) from Southeast University, Nanjing, China. During that time, just to shake things up, she went to Language school at the Shandong University in Jinan and ended up passing HSK Level 6 with flying colors.
She then worked as a GP and did a handful of practices, taught English in Chinese schools and later got into beauty blogging with some really important people who are way too dignified to be named here!
She now writes full-time.

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