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What are Cloud Storages? An Overview

Cloud storages are a type of computing Cloud. Cloud, Cloud, Cloud. That’s the most we all hear in the IT industry. Over the last decade, “cloud” was the fancy term that boomed the market and covered a large area of the industry within no time. The cloud has completely changed the structure of storage and communication.

Cloud simply means a service running on the internet and allows us to store our data at a “remote location”. Implies the data center of a cloud service provider. Once we store our data on the cloud, we or any authorized user can retrieve it anytime anywhere from any device.

How does Cloud Storage work?

Cloud storage

In past, enterprises totally relied on storing data locally. Over the period of time, organizations started preferring handy storage options after the exponential construction of cloud farms. Basically, it works on a client-server model. A client sends the request to the subscribed service and the server at the data center gives the appropriate response. The main objective of the cloud, instead of saving data at local storage.

When the non-technical crowd first thinks about such virtual storage, they will likely think about storing files, (for example songs, videos, and applications) on a remote server to be retrieved simultaneously. Absolutely correct! Whether you’re talking about Google Drive, DropBox, or any other provider, the definition remains the same. Checkout NiHao Cloud’s Sesame Disk, an emerging German enterprise whose origins are linked to the Chinese market, in the world of cloud storages and file-sharing that provides a fast, secure, and highly available medium for effective collaboration worldwide.  

Nowadays, businesses use such storage to store documents and share them with peers within the premises. It not only helps in securely storing your important files and documents but also at the same time gives you a decent opportunity to collaboratively work on the project with other folks through data sharing. The days when an email was more than enough to share attachments are long gone. Cloud gives you almost unlimited data storage space. Also, it’s cheaper and more secure than traditional storage mediums. No wonder cloud storages is quickly replacing physical storage systems!

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By Poojan Mehta

Poojan Mehta lives in Gujrat, India, and pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science. He has extensive experience in the software industry. As a technical enthusiast, he has been involved in various roles that include public cloud administration, database administration with SQL Server, web and mobile app development, DevOps work, technical writing, and mentoring. He is proficient in various operating systems, including Red Hat Linux and Windows. He is especially keen on developing new systems with emerging technologies.

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