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How Mortality in China Remains Exceptionally Low

Ever wondered how the mortality in China remains exceptionally low? China is known for having a low Chinese mortality rate, especially in rural areas. It is common in China for children to grow up with their elderly great-grandparents beside them. You will rarely hear of any family in China that does not have any less than three generations living under the same roof.

Such instances are entirely unheard of in other parts of the world. Because of this, China’s ‘4-generation challenge’ blew up on social media. The challenge rules are pretty simple: One person calls out a relative from the previous generation, then calls out another relative from the previous generation. It goes on until four generations appear together.

mortality in china is low
The wholesome ‘4-generation challenge’ of China gives us insight in China’s mortality rate

As I said, this is such a new concept to people living outside of China. It is because people haven’t heard of this before. This is why this post might intrigue you.

In this article, we will delve into why China’s mortality is exceptionally low. Why do Chinese people live to be so old and yet so healthy?

The History of Mortality in China

China’s population has gone from one of the world’s fastest-growing to one of the world’s fastest-aging. The oldest-old age demographic constitutes a particularly significant population. It is anticipated that by 2050, the population of oldest-old people, or those 80 and older, would have quadrupled. This is due to their high demand for personal help and any age group’s most significant healthcare expenses.

In 2015, China was home to more than 23 million oldest-old people (those who are 80 years or older). This makes up 18% of the oldest-old population globally. This percentage will increase quickly as China’s population ages. By 2050, almost a quarter of the world’s oldest-old people will reside in China. This is according to the UN’s medium variation forecast.

Many factors contribute to the longevity of the lives of Chinese people and the mortality in China:

Good Diet and Exercise Helps Improve The Mortality in China

To begin with, Americans and the rest of the world consume considerably more food per person than the Chinese. Junk food is not nearly as popular in China as it is in the U.S. Americans often consume more red meat and dairy products and indulge in sweet snacks and junk food. Due in part to a high frequency of lactose sensitivity, the Chinese consume far less dairy. Therefore, their diet mainly consists of more fowl and fish. They also like fruit for dessert and nuts for snacking.

Public gatherings for calorie-burning are also a prevalent practice in every community. These groups usually follow targeted activities such as Tai-Chi, aerobics, and even some practices of Kung-Fu. If you visit China, chances are you can view these gatherings in the early mornings in the park.

exercise and yoga by Chinese people
Public exercises are beneficial for living long, healthy lives

Schools encourage physical activity. Students are told to run, play games, and even take up martial arts as hobby. 

Better Habits and Values and How This Affects Mortality in China

Confucian principles are the base of Chinese society. Hence, older people gain more respect as they age. They are keepers of great wisdom and have great insight. They are consulted for big decisions in the family, as the heads of the family. Of course, your self worth is raised by being loved and greatly valued. This, in turn, lowers stress and lengthens life.

Another habit that most Chinese people dutifully follow is getting their sleep in. No matter what has happened or where they are– they get their rest. It is always a healthy habit to go to bed early at night. However, it does become hard to go to bed early. after a certain age. Even taking a nap when you have much work piling up can be a task. However, it is usual for people in China to do so. Chinese folks boost their productivity even when they have a ton left.

work nap culture helps mortality in china
Chinese office culture encourages taking naps!

Naps are also a cultural norm. In fact, if you take a nap in the office during the day, you will be appreciated. This is because people will think you have worked so hard that you have passed out of exhaustion. It is a sign of working hard.

Elder Rights in China Are Among The Best

The Chinese people and government are increasingly concerned about elder abuse and elder justice. Disrespect, exclusion, or a failure to uphold filial obligations are all regarded forms of maltreatment. This is true and especially cruel in Chinese cultures. National People’s Congress adopted the The Protection of the Rights and Interests of Elderly People Act in July 2013. At the time, this was a groundbreaking and divisive law known as the Filial Piety Law.

the chinese mortality rate is so low
The elderly have rights in China, punishable by law

The legislation requires adult children to assist their parents who are 60 years or older. Assistance is expected like it is customary. According to the law, obligations include making frequent visits and sending greetings. All these are scheduled as taking care of the elderly’s spiritual needs is also a priority. The reporting system is based on parents suing their kids for neglect in court.


China is a country where the people believe life is a gift. People cling to the ideas of immortality but have no idea how to live their lives. In China, there are many outlets for you to go and live your best life.

It is no secret that people grow old in China and live to such long ages with such enthusiasm. Mortality in China has really never been better! The elderly people have plenty of wisdom to pass on and the younger people provide them with care and affection. Hence, the community considers the elderly as a vital part in its functioning.

If you enjoyed this post, please like and share it. Please share your thoughts below. To learn more about Chinese culture and society or Chinese etiquette, check out some of our recent posts. The Diverse Chinese Culture: Why I Love It and Green Tea in China and Its Significance for Culture are a couple of examples.

Edited by: Syed Umar Bukhari.

By Hina Butt

Hina has spent a huge chunk of her life in China and considers it as her second home. She's a mommy of two perfect kids and now lives in Oman after moving in with her husband.
Before she started writing blog posts for SesameDisk, she got a graduate degree in Medicine(M.B.B.S) from Southeast University, Nanjing, China. During that time, just to shake things up, she went to Language school at the Shandong University in Jinan and ended up passing HSK Level 6 with flying colors.
She then worked as a GP and did a handful of practices, taught English in Chinese schools and later got into beauty blogging with some really important people who are way too dignified to be named here!
She now writes full-time.

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