Rewards for your help!

Rewards; We already give a free account of 2 GB Extensible Cloud Storage, but we are on the way to give you much more! This is the idea:

You help us spread the word. As a result we give you rewards in the form of FREE space!

Rewards at Sesamedisk by NiHao Cloud
Get more Cloud Storage Space for free!

To benefit from this program, can use a free account. If you do not have it, then click here to create one.

If you already have your free account then you can go ahead and login on the Rewards System here. There you just need to add the e-mail of your friend who will shortly receive your invitation via e-mail.

After your referral is validated, you will then receive the 1 GB extra space per invitation as a reward. For now the program allows a maximum of 10 invitations or plus 10GB possible. The program has the following Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Contact us to become a reseller if you think you can sell Cloud Storage products we would be happy to give you a nice cut of the pie.

Rewards Afterword

Notice: This is just an afterword, you can ignore it if you thin you got what you wanted from this post.

Please be aware that this is just a teaser about what is too come in the future we want to give more free storage for people who need it and add reseller programs to help people make a living by helping us. Stay tuned.