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Exotic Foods of China You Need To Try!

China as a country, and the Chinese people themselves are no strangers to exotic foods. Owing to the fact that they are one of the first civilizations ever to exist in the world, back then, there were really not a lot of options for the food which we are familiar with today. Therefore, food was caught, cooked, and served fresh from nature. The people then enjoyed the many options they could get from catching their food in the wild.

Because of this, the Chinese people began to enjoy foods so much that recipes were carried on for generations. They can even be seen now in some of the most rural parts of China where people rely heavily on tradition, and the practices that were taught to them by their elders. This article will include the local delicacies, the tastes and some of the most sought-after dishes in the region covered here so you know what you’re getting into next time you visit China and are feeling a little more adventures. 

I am an exotic food lover and living in China was like a dream come true to me! With their street food meals to high end 20 course dinners, I experienced it all! And I’m so glad I did! The aromas, the flavors the preparation process were so unique that the food made me fall in love with the culture even more! Let’s take a look at the exotic foods of china you need to try:

Exotic Foods of China
#1 Foie Gras

Exotic Foods of China You Need To Try

Our first dish is not a dish native to China, but it is definitely something that the locals enjoy on special occasions. Originating in Europe, foie gras is a specialty food product made of the liver of a duck or goose, meaning that it may be a vegan’s worst nightmare, but it tastes amazing. According to French law, foie gras is defined as the liver of a duck or goose fattened by gavage, a type of food administration done forcibly through a tube leading through the throat to the stomach. In Spain and other countries, it is occasionally produced using natural feeding to make it more humane. 

Exotic Foods of China
# 2 Century Eggs

Exotic Foods of China You Need To Try

This egg is also known as the ‘preserved egg’. Alhough it may sound like a serious chore that passes from generation to generation, it does not actually take a whole century to make. The recipe concept came from a farmer who lived during the ancient times of China. He came across a few duck eggs that had been preserving in muddy water and decided to eat one. Apparently, he liked it so much he brought them home. He then decided to replicate the process to get the same flavor he got from the muddy water. This practice is followed to this day. With mire hygienic preparational methods. These days, the eggs are soaked in a large volume of strong black tea, lime, salt, and freshly burned wood ashes to achieve the same effect.

Exotic Foods of China #3 Fried Bee Pupa

Exotic Foods of China You Need To Try

Bee pupa, or pupae are what can be referred to baby bees. Pupa, are at the stage of the development process where they are only a tiny organism hidden under a capping. These are commonly prepared by cooking them until they are golden brown. Other common methods of preparing them are steamed bee pupa, stir-fried bee pupa, crispy and many more. While it may seem unusual to eat bees, many other insects are also eaten and enjoyed in China.

Silk Worms

Silk Worms

These are eaten commonly throughout the region of China. By both the locals and the tourists that visit from time to time. According to avid eaters, these worms share the same flavor as chicken and beef and have a very chewy texture. These worms are eaten alongside vegetables, in fried rice and dipped in sauces that accentuate their flavor. 

Bird’s Nest Soup

Bird's Nest Soup

The next delicacy on our list is actually made from a swiftlet’s nest. This swiftlet is found deep within dark caves. Their nests are made carefully with their own gummy saliva that are produced by glands under their tongues. This saliva acts like a glue, binding the twigs together and hardening when it is exposed to air. This soup is considered a delicacy and is eaten in every region in China. 

Beggars Chicken

Beggars Chicken

Appearing to look like a potato, the beggar’s chicken can be derived from the tale of a beggar who lived in ancient times who had nothing on him but a knife, a fire and a hungry belly. He is said to have solved his hunger problem by slaughtering and gutting a chicken, smothering it in yellow mud and roasting it on the fire. This beggar’s chicken replicates this tale and therefore looks like a small, yellow potato tucked in itself. Beggar’s Chicken is typically served on a lotus leaf, a must-try if you’re heading to Hangzhou. 


Balut eggs

Though this snack has its roots in the Philippines, because of the neighboring country and the geographical likeness, balut is now eaten in China as well. Balut is a partially developed egg that is very popular among the locals as it is eaten as a very popular street food. It is also said to be a major craving of some pregnant Asian women. 


The foods and dishes mentioned above prove that by staying true your roots and traditions, you maintain your uniqueness. The people of China know this and have made their mark on the world by having some of the most exotic dishes in the world. They may be exotic when you’re an outsider looking in, but for the Chinese people, these dishes represent tradition, and home. 

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Cloud Products

Cloud Storage: Important Facts

Cloud computing model known as Cloud Storage is a globally distributed, secure, and scalable object storage system for immutable data types such as pictures, text, video files, and other file formats. Each item identifies by a unique identifier, metadata, characteristics, and the data itself. The metadata may include various types of information, such as the file’s security classification, the programs that can use it, and essential details. The unique identifier, knowledge, and characteristics make object storage an attractive storage option for a wide range of applications, from web serving to data analytics.

Numerous cloud computing storage providers including Nihao Cloud provide various services that can be useful to the customer to a greater or lesser extent. This post will not be about our service at NiHao Cloud and I don’t have a favorite in this category since they’re all unique in their ways. Nevertheless, each cloud computing service has a few common words, which I have discussed below.

Best Cloud Storage Providers

Cloud Storage Services: 

While hosting firms often provide various services, the primary one is data storage on the “cloud.” we will discuss some of the terms with respect to storage below:


Synchronization of files implies that whatever you save to the cloud on one device will be available on all of your other devices. Whether it’s movies, pictures, documents, or music, the cloud can save everything. Most hosting providers have already adopted this since it is the entire core of cloud computing storage. At work, upload your data and then access it when you get home. Additionally, they offer a desktop version that resembles an illusory drive on which you may save your data. It’s much more convenient to utilize the desktop version than repeated login into your account on your browser. It looked like such an intriguing method to save your info. 


While cloud storage needs you to store your data online actively, the backup function provides an alternative. It enables the smooth transfer of your data to the cloud for safekeeping. This is very useful if your hard disc fails or you lose your smartphone/notebook. Another method to accomplish this is to download backup apps to your mobile device, often already offered by cloud computing storage providers. You may select to save your pictures in your backup folder, erasing the photos stored on your phone in the process.

Numerous cloud storage providers do not even have a backup option. On the other hand, there are also plenty of them that are only for file backup.

File sharing:

The feature is self-explanatory. Are you collaborating with your mates on a class project or a task? Utilize numerous methods for sharing your files. You may either connect your folders or generate download links that you can share with your friends. This is probably one of the things that your physical storage lacks. To be quite candid, I can’t imagine functioning without cloud computing storage. Not to mention the hundreds of millions of individual users, but we’ll get to that later.

Versioning of objects:

Cloud storage enables this functionality. Once enabled, a history of file changes will maintain for all objects. This allows you to recover previous versions of your files or even recover erased data. Each item is endowed with specific characteristics that aid in its recognition. When you remove an item enabled for this feature, a duplicate of the object is immediately stored with attributes that help identify it. I suppose I should say that not all service providers provide this option in their free plans. Additionally, some do not include it in their payment plans.

File retrieval:

It’s comparable to object versioning. Some/most cloud services provided by default or via the installation of different add-ons can recover lost data. Some have a temporal restriction on how long data may be recovered, while others keep it forever. They are often kept in a subdirectory called “trash” or “deleted files.” If you are unable to locate it, it is most likely not included in your current plan. You may contact me, and I will gladly assist you by studying for you or just giving the knowledge direct from my brain. Additionally, you may consult my reviews section for additional information. Here is an example.

Third-party applications:

The box is an example of this. It integrates third-party applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Google Documents, and Google Sheets within the software itself. It’s one factor to consider while choosing a cloud storage provider. Few cloud services integrate third-party apps.

Cloud Storage Service Types

Not all cloud storage users have the exact needs or requirements. As a result, many cloud storage providers provide a variety of distinct cloud storage solutions.


Personal Cloud Storage While most cloud storage services let you access their remote servers, you may also set up your server at home to establish your cloud storage.

Western Digital My Cloud, for example, enables you to create a private server accessible only to you. There are a variety of reasons why this may be necessary. It’s ideal for streaming media — such as music and movies — inside your house since you can depend on your home network’s better speeds than you would receive streaming from a server over the internet.

It also means you won’t have to worry about your cloud vendor sniffing around and analyzing your files if your media material comes from less-than-trustworthy sources.

Private cloud storage, on the other hand, is essentially business-specific cloud storage. This is the process through which a company establishes its storage servers in-house.

There are various reasons why a company may want to create its private cloud storage, but one of the most compelling is that some companies are legally obliged to keep customer data on-premises.


This is often understood when the term “cloud storage” is used. Google Drive and pCloud, for example, have whole racks of servers devoted to serving the public in data centers, enabling customers to keep their files in the cloud.

While these providers primarily serve the consumer data storage market, several cloud storage providers also provide business-oriented solutions for off-site data storage. In addition, check out our roundup of the top corporate cloud storage services.

Hybrid Storage

Combine the speed and security of private cloud storage with the simplicity and adaptability of public cloud storage, and you’ve found hybrid cloud storage, a novel approach to online file storage.

Hybrid cloud storage also enables you to mix your on-premises storage with that provided by a public cloud storage provider. This allows you to choose to store data locally and files remotely in the cloud.

This combines the best of both worlds and maybe the optimal option for a wide variety of companies. As explained in our previous Microsoft Azure review, services like Microsoft Azure enable you to manage your hybrid cloud storage.

Best Cloud Storage Providers

Explore the world’s ten most popular cloud service providers. It may assist you in making the best decision for your company.

Cloud Storage Services Comparison


This article will offer you a list of the top cloud storage service providers from which you can choose from several cloud-based services.
While our list includes current top cloud storage providers, there are many more high-quality providers that were left off. Additionally, you can use our data storage cloud services to ensure you’re receiving the best price possible on today’s best offers.

Are you a user of any of the items on our list? Do you believe there are any obvious omissions, or do you believe we were unfair (or too fair) to any of the providers we mentioned? Let us know what you think in the comments section below, and as always, we appreciate your time.

Moreover, Several cloud storage companies restrict their services to small enterprises, individuals, and mid-sized organizations, depending on their requirements.

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