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Interesting Facts About China You Didn’t Know!

China! A diverse country filled with diverse people, food, languages, religions and dialects. A civilization that dates back to the dawn of humanity. A home to some of the most well-known philosophy thinkers in history and the country that gave us ‘War and Peace’. There are literally so many interesting facts about china you didn’t know about. I can write and write about them and the list would probably never end!

While I was researching for the interesting facts about china, I came to the conclusion that it is no secret that this country has contributed much to humanity. Whether it be tea, wisdom or technology, China has truly given the world one benefit after the other.

While they have contributed their share (and more!) to the world, there is still much left to explore about this glorious country. What Chinese culture is, how their great country became one of he first civilizations in the world. After personally experiencing the life among locals, I have listed down some of the most interesting facts about china you probably didn’t know!

Interesting Facts About China You Didn’t Know

# 1

China is home to 1.4 billion people. By this statistic, every 1 person in a group of 5 people is Chinese. The population of China is so great and large in number. This is why the China’s infamous One Child Policy was implemented by the Chinese government. Because of this policy, experts estimate that around 400 million births were prevented. That would have otherwise have strained the Chinese government and their resources. I bet that this was one of the interesting facts about china You didn’t know!

Chinese people

Interesting Facts About China You Didn’t Know # 2

China is home to the ancestors of humans. It is a fact that the Peking Man, an ancestor of the homo erectus (the modern-day upright man) lived in caves! He was found in China some 500,000 years ago. Not only this but modern humans also walked the planes of China not more than 50,000 years ago. 

Interesting Facts About China You Didn't Know

Interesting Facts About China You Didn’t Know # 3

China was the inventor of silk. Naturally, all the well to do people at the time wanted to get their hands on this fine fabric. Since its creation, silk gained so much popularity that it became one of the main exports of China. It still remains one of the main exports to this day. Not only silk has earned China its respect and mark as an inventor but the crossbow, paper, the compass, and gunpowder can all trace their origins to China. Because these products were so sought after in the whole world, they made China insanely popular in exports. A position they still occupy to this day. 

Interesting Facts About China You Didn't Know

Interesting Facts About China You Didn’t Know # 4

Currency in the form of paper money was first used in China. About 1400 years ago, the Chinese people started used paper money instead of objects for trade, buying and selling. The increase of goods that could be bought and sold at the time, paper money became a necessity as coins, gold and silver became too heavy to carry around. China stayed way ahead of the other world where they mainly traded in gold, silver and metal coins. 

Interesting Facts About China You Didn't Know

Interesting Facts About China You Didn’t Know # 5

China has an elderly rights law, because of the mortality rate being so high in China. People have parents, grandparents and even great grandparents alive and living with them. With so many people of different generations all packed into one place the elderly rights law ensures there is no abuse of the elderly. If your loved ones are over the age of 60 years old and are staying at an elderly home, it is illegal to not visit them regularly.

Interesting Facts About China

Interesting Facts About China You Didn’t Know # 6

The Chinese New Year celebrations last for 15 days. The largest celebrations by any group of ethnic identities! Some of the practices observed during these celebrations include: cleaning out one’s house, eating a reunion meal with their family and exchanging gifts and money in red envelops. What was really amazing for me to discover when I got there was that each new year is named after the 12 Chinese zodiac animals! The rat, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the goat, the monkey, the rooster, dog, and the pig. 

Chinese Dragon tradition

Interesting Facts About China You Didn’t Know # 7

 The Chinese railway is lines are so extensive and vast that if they are all put together in a single line, they can loop around the whole Earth… twice! Obviously for a country the size and population of China, the public transportation service would be extensive but to loop around the whole world twice? That’s impressive. 

The China You Didn't Know

Interesting Facts About China You Didn’t Know # 8

A new skyscraper begins its construction every 5 minutes. It is no secret that because of the massive metropolis the country of China has become, sky scrapers are the norm in cities. No country is going as fast as China is and in order to facilitate that growth and to cater for it, China is expanding massively on the industrial fronts. Good for them! 

China sky scrapers

# 9

They have their own social media. The rest of the world follows American made apps and social platforms like twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram. China has made its own social networks exclusively for its own people. The Chinese government oversees these social media networks and oftentimes regulates the content that may become viral. WeChat, Youku, Watermelon are all designed for the people of China, by the people of China. 

Social media in China

# 10

Interesting Facts About China You Didn't Know

The giant panda is one of China’s 3 national animals alongside the Chinese dragon and the red-crowned crane. The most popular animal, the panda, is extremely important for China and also for its influence all over the world. In the 1980s, the pandas were declared an endangered species. Their numbers are decreasing day by day. By either the local Chinese who hunted them for food and sport or by the international countries. The Chinese government when told of this decided to treat these pandas as they should. By protecting them, nurturing them and keeping them safe and healthy so that their numbers can grow. In 2016, pandas were officially declared off the endangered list by The International Union for Conservation of Nature I witnessed this news myself! 

This list of facts prove that the glorious country of China is a vital part of our international community as without it, the world would not have many of the things it has now. 

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How Beauty Trends Shape China’s Future

How Beauty Trends Shape China’s Future – An Introduction

The beauty trends & China’s future go hand in hand. The Future of the cosmetic industry is here and it proves that all that glitters, really is gold. It is to nobody’s surprise how quickly, in China, the beauty industry is moving. It is therefore, becoming much more accessible to the public. A big hand in promoting this are the latest trends that go viral online. They become so popular, the Chinese youth has no choice but to check them out. Makeup, skincare and cosmetic procedures are extremely appealing to the public. Because, who doesn’t want to look their best at all times? While this is a true fact all over the world, it is definitely making waves especially among the Chinese youth. And it’s safe to say that The current beauty trends shape china’s future greatly!

Trends Shape China's Future

Cosmetic procedures like Botox and Juvéderm treatments, have a hype of their own. However, it is makeup that remains the superior cosmetic tool that people rely on. And why not? It can be easily removed, isn’t permanent and so very versatile. There are so many latest beauty trends going around and China’s future is highly dependent on it. With a swish of your wrist, you have golden eyeliner that accentuates the Asian eye shape. With a dab or two, you have shimmering glitters that make you stand out in a crowd. Burgundy lips, soft pink lips, glossy lips, cracked lips, there are enough lipstick trends to make a whole encyclopedia. Makeup, therefore, truly has it all!
The best part is: it can all be removed and started over with one swipe of a cotton pad. And as a beauty blogger, I can say that by experience.

Latest Beauty Trends And The Social Media Impact On China’s Future

The future generations of China are already evolving. They are definitely not like what their parents were: traditional being the key word here. In today’s day and age, people are gradually shifting away from traditional jobs and lifestyles. They are more focused on what is new and what is popular. Because mainstream social media apps and websites like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are inaccessible in 

China, the government has made their own. Take the popular video sharing website called Youku. Thousands of creators from all across China post there, including those that do makeup. The Chinese youth that is the most active demographic on these platforms consumes whatever content is posted on there. 

beauty trends in china

So, when these self-taught makeup content creators post about their favorite upcoming eyeshadow palette or when they post a makeup hack, their audience picks it up and from there it becomes viral. When it becomes viral enough, people form all over the internet (in China) share and express their views about this new technique or product. The original video becomes a hub of views and new videos are made talking about it or recreating. This is an endless loop that only ends when the topic becomes irrelevant or goes out of style.  

As mentioned before, the makeup industry, with its products and techniques, really has become extremely accessible in China. And with becoming so popular they certainly have a hand in leaving their mark on the world. Big makeup companies are now having their products made and packaged in China. So, it is to no wonder how exactly the Chinese youth has access to their products. 

Beauty trends going viral

Let us talk now about the online viral makeup trends that have taken a hold on the Chinese youth. 

A simple yet strikingly gorgeous technique: the cut crease eyeshadow look. When it first became a trend people were using concealer to lighten the lid area and then filling it in later with a lighter eyeshadow color. And this worked for a lot of people until one day, somebody came up with the technique of holding the bowl part of a spoon to your lid and smudging a darker eyeshadow color at the top. Soon, you could find every top-rated makeup artist or content creator trying this technique out for themselves. 

This goes to show exactly how much the beauty industry is responsible for shaping the future of makeup and content creators. 

Another example here is not exactly of makeup but it really did impact the globe with its popularity. The Ordinary’s AHA + BHA chemical peeling solution. What started as a Tiktok trend, because of its bright blood-resembling texture and color, became an instant hit and The Ordinary became a staple in everybody’s skincare collection. This chemical peeling solution remains one of the highest sought-after products in not only the USA but world-wide and especially in China. Not long after the product became viral, people everywhere started talking about its benefits, how important it was for the skin and all the good things about this product. 

This is what is important: when something becomes instantly popular, everybody regardless of their geographic location want to try it out for themselves. This, in turn, results in the product having huge sales and therefore becoming very popular. These online trends have the power to make a product go up in sales and a product to lose its followers and discourage people from buying them. 

Beauty Trends Shape China’s Future – Conclusion

In conclusion, online trends are becoming a huge part of online culture. And sales are extremely dependent on them. What this means for china and the Chinese youth is simple: an online unanimous opinion has the power to shape how and where you spend your time, attention and money. I am beyond convinced that the latest beauty trends impact China’s Future and will continue doing so.

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