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Ancient Chinese Medicine: How Relevant is it Today?

Ancient Chinese medicine is a healthcare practice. It has been the go-to for all ailments and diseases in China for at least 23 centuries. That really is impressive! Ancient Chinese medicine attempts to prevent or treat disease. It does so by preserving or reestablishing the yin-yang balance. China has one of the world’s oldest medical […]

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You want to become a reseller; you are welcome to get a deal with Sesame Disk by NiHao Cloud to be a reseller of Cloud Storage. The idea is; you sell and get a 10% to 35% of the initial deal. Aside you can get life long payments from the renewals of your own customers. […]

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Top Chinese Cloud Storage Providers

While several top Chinese cloud storage providers are available today, this wasn’t always the case. In the past, finding any, let alone the top Chinese cloud storage providers, was a struggle. Before delving further, it is essential to know what cloud storage providers are and why the cloud is one of the top services out […]