Covid and Bat Soup: Myth or Fact?

If you are reading this article, you may have come across many theories about Covid and bat soup causing it must have been one. I remember reading one (quite foolishly) titled “Bat Soup: The Initiator of The Covid Crises’. Skeptics from all over the world have different views about the origins of coronavirus. After all, it […]

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Should You Hire a Chinese Sourcing Agency?

China exports all kinds of products. After all, China is a mass manufacturing might. Many economies, big or small, are very much dependent on the products that are imported from China. If you are also considering importing goods from China, or have been importing for a while, would you consider hiring or partnering with a […]

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Coronavirus: Traveling to China during Global Pandemic

Whether we like it or not, the novel coronavirus, also known as, COVID-19 is reality. It quickly became a global pandemic before the world could get ready for it. This pandemic has affected our lives and has forced us to live and act in a different way altogether. This means, a new and different world […]