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Exotic Food of East Asia: A List of the Most Exotic Food

Welcome to another installment in our exotic food series! Asia is famous for welcoming people and distinctive cultures. However, the essential thing that it is famous for is, of course, its exotic food. The well-known Asian foods are sushi, kimchi, Peking duck, Laksa, and cendol. But, some peculiar dishes are popular and loved among residents. […]

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Why Do Chinese Dumplings Hold A Cultural Significance?

Chinese Dumplings – A Delicious Introduction Dumplings hold a very prominent cultural significance in China. I will come out and say it: Chinese dumplings are my favorite part of pan-Asian cuisine. They are small and bite-sized, so they are easy to eat. There is an endless selection to stuff yourself. Flavors, meat, and vegetables, you […]

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Exotic Foods of China You Need To Try!

China as a country, and the Chinese people themselves are no strangers to exotic foods. Owing to the fact that they are one of the first civilizations ever to exist in the world, back then, there were really not a lot of options for the food which we are familiar with today. Therefore, food was […]