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Mastering Kubernetes AWS EKS Autoscaling with Spot Instances: A Hands-On Guide to Effortlessly Scale Your Applications

Kubernetes AWS EKS Autoscaling with Spot Instances: An In-Depth Guide If you’ve been working with Kubernetes on AWS, you know that cost management is a critical aspect. Enter spot instances—your savior for reducing costs significantly. This guide will dive deep into using auto-scaling with Kubernetes on AWS EKS using spot instances. And hey, we’ll have […]

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Fixing jitsi recording unavailable on docker

This post “Fixing jitsi recording unavailable on docker” was updated by: Syed Umar Bukhari on October 5, 2021 Many organizations and engineers are creating video conferencing apps during the covid-19 pandemic for online learning facilities, webinars, and for talking to loved ones– this is where Jitsi comes in. Jitsi is a free video conferencing alternative […]