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You want to become a reseller; you are welcome to get a deal with Sesame Disk by NiHao Cloud to be a reseller of Cloud Storage. The idea is; you sell and get a 10% to 35% of the initial deal. Aside you can get life long payments from the renewals of your own customers. Then your payment will be as per agreement.

Cloud Storage Reseller

The typical reseller of Cloud Storage who would become successful with us has many contacts, has some basic knowledge about tech and the cloud storage service we provide, but is not a hard requirement. We will train you on anything you might need, help you create your material and of course share the profit. You close the deal and we handle most of the rest.

The process goes as follows;

First you reach out to us and explain who you are and a general description of how you think you can sell our service.
Second we will have to ask you for further information the possibility of a deal and your actual capabilities. It's not an automatic process, there will be a person talking to you to make sure we are on the same page and we might also need to double check some personal details about you.

Third once we agree on the conditions of the deal your start selling.

Fourth you close deals and start get your payment monthly per volume of sales.

To get started as a reseller

Additional information for resellers

Finally we also advise you to give us a try, so you understand how the service works and the goos ad bad things about it. We will also answer all your questions about it and listen to your feedback to improve. Follow the link to register if you do not have an account, it's free to start. you can read more about our products in this resource.