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The Extravagant Lives Of The Rich In China

The extravagant lives of the rich of China
The illusion of Chinese wealth

Crazy Rich Asians IRL

When thinking of the extravagant lives of the rich of China China, many things come to my mind. Communism low-wage sweatshops, to name a few things. But what many people don’t notice is that China is one of the biggest economies of the modern world.

Businesses and companies worldwide use materials made in China for their products. It is tough to pick up a product in today’s day and age and not see ‘Made in China’ on the tag. China has proved that no one does it like them for the production of goods. And no one works as hard as the Chinese themselves. The whole world knows this, and for this reason, China is the biggest exporter of manufactured goods in the world.

This reputation has earned China an excessive amount of revenue. It's pretty safe to say that the extravagant lives of the rich of China have become a lot more lavish. Companies like AppleFoxconn, and Anker are all companies are that generate trillions of dollars annually. What is common? These companies assemble their products locally, in China. In addition to these companies, local businesses like Ali Baba and Youku are among the most revenue-generating companies and companies in the world, not just China.

So now you're probably thinking, who profits? Well, the whole country. But most especially the owners of these factories, companies, and businesses. The extravagant lives of the rich of China are the Chinese elite and are indeed something to marvel at as they are not only some of the world's wealthiest but also some of the world's most notorious.

The Extravagant Lives Of The Rich In China: The Elites of China

In my opinion, it is an understatement to say that the elite Chinese people are detached from societal norms. All my Chinese friends and their family live in their expansive mansions, drive luxurious cars, and send their kids to schools abroad, so they have one more thing to brag about. And they love it! Like the elite of any other country, Chinese rich people are no different in having an insanely high quality of life.

In 2005, the demand for Rolls Royce cars increased so much from China alone that the company had to hire 200 extra employees to meet this demand. Rolls Royce also had all their existing employees working overtime, such as the high demand coming for their cars from China alone. Think of what the needs today would be. Extra diamonds from Tiffany’s? An influx of luxury Tom Ford suits or just buying the latest iPhones straight from the factories in China?

This sounds ridiculous for the average person, sure. But for the elite, this is simply a materialistic wish that is likely to come true.

The extravagant lives of the rich of China
Customers at a Chloé boutique in Shanghai

The Extravagant Lives Of The Rich In China: Gaudy Wishes

Take something as simple as a vacation, for instance. The Chinese elite is infamous for vacationing in Paris, Geneva, and Italy.

You may like to visit your old ancestral home and maybe take a few days off work. Visiting private islands in some secret hidden-away pacific location is simply a plane ride away for the elite. Having access to private jets and planes means traveling faster, lighter and not having to worry about your boarding pass or plane ticket. You also don’t have to worry about annoying kids crying behind you when the whole plane is booked by your family and owned by your father.

The Chinese elite is also extremely fond of pets. Having a $100,000 purebred canine by your side not only means you have a furry friend; it is also a status symbol. Some popular dog breeds in China that cost a pretty penny include the Tibetan Mastiff and Chow Chow. Both of these dog breeds are considered too cute and too high maintenance to be ordinary. It is reported that a Tibetan Mastiff puppy was recently sold at $1 million in China in 2019. Think of how much money the breeders make.

Now think of how much the rich are willing to pay for a dog breed that screams 'expensive.'

The Disassociation From Society

We can agree that being born in an affluent Chinese family would have its perks, right? Their worries are concerned with what right dress goes best with the diamonds you just bought.

But what of the less fortunate people that you have in your country? China is one of the most well-off nations globally, and that is a fact. In addition, given how much laborers are paid in sweatshops alone, you can figure out that not everyone enjoys the revenue that China makes annually.

The poverty statistics in China are shocking. Every day is an active battle for middle-class people to put food on the table. It gets worse when it comes to the less fortunate people living in rural areas. Begging and other unconventional means of earning money are far more common in the provincial regions. But this is a fact that the Chinese elite is entirely unaware of. They are so busy in their lives that real-world problems like having to worry about savings, food, and keeping a roof on your head are virtually non-existent in their heads.

The extravagant lives of the rich of China
A woman shops in a Louis Vuitton store in downtown Shanghai


China was a complete communist country not too long ago and thought it was not great for the top 1%, but even the most oppressed benefitted. Now, it is a country that a single party still runs, but the ideals of communism are much looser now. It is ridiculous when you hold so much money that you cannot look past the curtain and see how the rest of your people are living.

The rich still benefit much more, and the laborers and everyone below in the social hierarchy ply with the leftovers. Such is the way of life.

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Edited by: Syed Umar Bukhari.