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Mastering Input/Output in Python: Your Ultimate Guide to Interacting with External Data Sources

Mastering Input/Output Operations in Python: An Essential Guide to Interacting with External Data Sources When it comes to software development, particularly using Python, one crucial aspect that you cannot overlook is interfacing with external data sources. Why? Because it is here that your programs sip the raw data drinking straw, crunch it into useful insights, […]

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Cracking the Code: An Insightful Guide to Algorithms in Python

Algorithms in Python: Defining Steps to Solve Problems Like a Pro Are you ready to unleash the power of Python algorithms and take your codes to the next level? Here’s your quick and comprehensive guide. Don’t worry, we’re not here to python-bite you. We’re here to python-light you! What Exactly is an Algorithm? At its […]

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Demystifying Python Data Types: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Python Data Types: How to Classify and Manage Different Types of Data Understanding the Building Blocks of Python Before we dive into data types, let’s clear up a common misunderstanding. Many people think Python is a snake. Well, yes it is, but in the world of computing, Python is also a versatile and powerful programming […]

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Python vs Go: A Comprehensive Guide to Learning Resources for Beginners

Python vs Go: A Field Guide of Learning Resources for Beginners When you’re itching to dive into a new programming language, finding comprehensive, accessible resources can be a bit like undertaking an epic adventure in a vast tech wilderness. But fear not, today we’re blazing a trail through the Python and Go landscape, comparing the […]

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Unity Game Development Engine: How to Create an Endless Runner Game

Creating a game has never been easier than now by using the Unity game development engine. Whether you want to play in a 2D, 3D, FPS Action, or Endless Runner, the Unity game development engine offers endless possibilities.  Getting Started with Unity Game Development Engine I started to create a game on the Unity engine […]

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Colossal AI: A Deep Dive into the Open-Source Chatbot Framework

In a digital revolution, chatbots have ascended the throne, reshaping the landscape of human-machine communication. Yet, it’s the unprecedented rise of revolutionary AI chatbots like ChatGPT, and the pioneering Colossal AI, that has ignited an insatiable global demand. Thus, they are now utilized everywhere — from customer support to sales and yes, even hotlines. The […]

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Cloud and DevOps: A match made in heaven

How the relationship between Cloud and DevOps affects the industry. The cloud and DevOps are the new kids on the block. They might not be what you expect, but together they make a good team. Cloud is known for providing scalable resources and DevOps is known for automation of deployment processes. Together these two technologies […]

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Active Directory AD and OpenLDAP for Security and SSO

You might be please to know that the Sesame Disk by Nihao Cloud storage now supports AD and OpenLDAP for Security and SSO. The idea is for you to be able to bring your own LDAP users from your server and thus secure your accounts using the same credentials as the ones people regularly use […]