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Top Chinese Cloud Storage Providers

While several top Chinese cloud storage providers are available today, this wasn’t always the case. In the past, finding any, let alone the top Chinese cloud storage providers, was a struggle.

Before delving further, it is essential to know what cloud storage providers are and why the cloud is one of the top services out there.

Cloud storage service allows file storage on a server on the Internet or the “cloud,” which can be locally accessed as if the files existed on your own device. Cloud storage is one of the top services worldwide, with increasing data security and privacy breaches. Hence, cloud storage offers an alternative to storing essential files on your own device– you can do it on the cloud!

In this article, I will share the list of top Chinese cloud storage providers using the most valuable experiences I learned working as an IT expert and a cloud architect. So, strap in for this ride!

The Landscape For Top Chinese Cloud Storage Providers

Chinese Cloud storage providers allow businesses to satisfy their app development, deployment, and admin needs with an affordable service – this is why China continues to grow as a hub for innovation!

While the globe has a lot of cloud storage providers, the Chinese market offers unique cloud storage providers, like Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud.

Before looking into the top Chinese cloud storage services, it’s critical to know the restrictions and licenses for Chinese cloud storage providers.

Regulatory Framework for Cloud Computing and Chinese Cloud Storage providers

If you host a website in China, the law mandates that you acquire and show an ICP License.

If you do not get this license, or if it is discovered that you are running a website in violation of the certification requirements, you risk being officially compelled to obtain one. Furthermore, the government can take down your site without warning if you do not cooperate with their request.

Before establishing or hosting a website in China, you must apply for an ICP license. Now, the regulations are even more strict in the cloud computing and information storage market.

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For instance, purely foreign companies can not participate. So, companies like Google and Dropbox are not offering their Cloud Storage products to the Chinese market.

The Requirements For Chinese Cloud Storage Providers

The Chinese MIIT administers the ICP registration process. The state restricts Chinese websites with no valid ICP License. This will also apply if you do not show the ICP number on your website.

To qualify for ICP Filing, you must first register a corporate headquarters in China. This can be a subsidiary of your firm. Or, it could be a reputable sales partner that registers the website. Then, you need these things:

  • Your Chinese company’s name, address, and telephone number. This is you need to have a legally registered Chinese company.
  • Legal specimen of the Chinese details and proof of identification website administrator
  • Legal specimen of the Chinese details and proof of identification of the applicant
  • The person responsible for the website’s name, telephone number, cell phone number, e-mail address, and valid proof of identification (must be a Chinese citizen)
  • The website’s emergency number 
  • A photograph of the person responsible for the website
  • An IP address, an ISP, and server location (from your hosting provider)
  • A list of the domains used to access the website
  • Domains registered with a Chinese domain registrar

The Top Chinese Cloud Storage Providers

Consider the top most popular cloud service providers operating in China today. It may assist you in making the best decision for your company. These are China’s top cloud service providers or dropbox alternatives in China or dropbox alternatives for China.

Who We Are and Why Discuss The Top Chinese Cloud Storage Providers

We (Sesame Disk by Nihao Cloud ) are a Cloud Storage provider, but in a different category. Our services include free cloud storage that works in China and premium plans. But we provide services for people mainly from outside and partnering with China. What this means is our cloud storage is not limited to China and not regulated by China. We focus on cross borders file transfer and team collaboration, including cloud storage for China.

How are we different: We are not bound by Chinese security laws. And we are not a China cloud storage provider. Instead, we are the data bridge that does not exist. See our products if you have cloud storage needs! Our typical customer shares and regularly collaborates with many geolocations, including China.

1. Alibaba Cloud – One of the Top Chinese Cloud Storage Providers

Alibaba Cloud, also known as Aliyun, is China’s largest cloud service provider. Their cloud storage OSS is very similar to AWS s3.

The primary aspects of this dropbox alternative in China include Elastic Computers, Relational Databases, Content Delivery Networks, and Data Storage. It has many vital features that collaborate with the company’s resources and e-commerce operations. Furthermore, Alibaba Cloud customers can purchase feature-rich cloud servers at a low price.

Alibaba Cloud simplifies backup and recovery for users by providing a variety of recovery alternatives. Users can access agile reading and writing capability; data integrity is retained. Hence, the probability of data loss and mistakes is significantly decreased. Alibaba Cloud also provides enterprises with disk and memory-based storage. This makes it a cloud storage that works in China. Hence, it is also a viable dropbox alternative in China.

2. Tencent Cloud Computing – One Of The Largest Cloud Storage Providers in China

Tencent Cloud is a dependable and high-performance cloud computing service. It provides a diverse range of services to its massive user base through platforms such as WeChat. Tencent Cloud simplifies app development, and users may implement changes to the console setup.

Developers depend on Tencent Cloud for its affordable services, including pay-per-use options. Global centers guarantee that cloud computing services are delivered quickly and reliably to the provider’s clients. Tencent Cloud also provides cloud services to the top downloaded game in the world, i.e., PUBG. This makes it one of the top Chinese cloud storage providers.

3. China Telecom Cloud Computing

China Telecom Cloud Server provides customers with a virtual solution for meeting their application needs. Users may depend on the service to rent resources, launch quickly, and easily expand.

By using Cloud Servers, customers can also reduce reliance on IT resources and avoid incurring excessive expenditures. Also, they get access to a broad range of computer resources and services to maximize their processing capability.

Elastic computing is a characteristic that enables local resources and the ease of storage and computation. China Telecom Cloud leverages virtualization to allow customers to install quickly and easily. Additionally, disaster recovery is easy with this supplier, and consumers can save expenditures on management and IT resources.

4. AWS China

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, operates an AWS China subsidiary in China.

Sinnet is responsible for the AWS China (Beijing) region, whereas NWCD is responsible for the AWS China (Ningxia) region. This is due to regulatory requirements.

Users have access to a platform that includes technologies comparable to those in other AWS Regions. Chinese developers may now build cloud applications quickly and easily, utilizing the same operational standards, protocols, and APIs as AWS customers globally.

Unless the client switches locations, data stored in Amazon Web Services China (Ningxia) and Amazon Web Services China (Beijing) Regions are replicated.

5. Huawei Cloud Stack

Huawei Cloud Stack is yet another Chinese cloud storage provider in China for commercial and government customers, allowing them to switch between on-premises and cloud portals seamlessly.

It is available in several versions that address various requirements, including big data analytics, legacy application migration, and artificial intelligence-based training.

It has a variety of capabilities that enable extensive cloud computing capability. Huawei Cloud Stack is a complete hybrid cloud solution that includes the FusionSphere OpenStack platform, the FusionSphere Virtualization layer, and other cloud storage service tools.

6. Kingsoft Cloud

Kingsoft Cloud is a market leader as one of the dropbox alternatives in China and worldwide. Today, it has grown into one of the top 3 Chinese cloud storage providers.

Kingsoft Cloud products offered include Cloud Physical Host, Cloud Server, Object Storage, Relational Database, CDN, Cloud DNS, and Virtual Private Servers.

Moreover, users have access to a variety of cloud solutions that address the demands of most sectors.

7. Baidu Cloud

Baidu Cloud is a market-leading cloud storage provider in China. It has several capabilities, including client software, third-party connectors, cloud storage, and file management.

Following the setup of a client terminal, the Baidu Cloud service enables customers to execute automated sync between Internet terminals. Since its inception in 2012, the company has become one of China’s most popular cloud computing solutions.

It is also known as Baidu Wangpan. Baidu Cloud also offers a complimentary 6 GB storage space. It provides free file sizes of up to 4 GB and up to 20 GB for a fee. Furthermore, Baidu Cloud Computing is one of the largest cloud providers in China.

8. Azure China

Azure China is a cloud storage provider in China that provides a suite of services and features tailored to Chinese enterprise needs in a variety of industries.

21Vianet is the Azure operator in China, providing consumers access to Microsoft technology. Azure China’s service availability and operational models vary from the global Azure service.

The Azure technology services provide varying customer assistance. Moreover, the service provider gives solutions to clients through contracts and agreements with 21Vianet.

Conclusion: The Top Chinese Cloud Storage Providers

The cloud service providers mentioned above are the finest in China and provide organizations with all the features and functionality they want. They can assist businesses across sectors in achieving and surpassing their criteria and improving customer service. You can research the characteristics and functioning of each to help you make the best choice.

Additionally, it is essential to remember that China’s policies and laws are pretty hard for the data held on these platforms, such as the need for an ICP license to operate inside China. Moreover, specific files may be deemed ill-suited, and it is more probable that these service providers will closely monitor the files as directed by the government.

I hope you liked this post. If you enjoyed it, please let us know below in the comments. I would also love to know your experiences with the top Chinese cloud storage providers and if you have a different list. Please let us know which cloud storage provider you use in China and if you may switch to a better alternative. We (Sesame Disk) also offer a cloud storage service powered by Nihao Cloud. You can try the free cloud storage plan anytime or read more about other cloud free cloud storage companies offerings!

Edited by: Syed Umar Bukhari.

By Usama Ahmad

Usama Ahmad is an aspiring Technical Writer at NiHao Cloud. Along with his engineering and management degrees, he has a lifetime passion for information technology. He is dedicated to analyzing complicated information technology topics and optimizing sophisticated software development strategies.

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