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Files Sharing and Cloud Storage; The Benefits they Brings to Businesses Files sharing and cloud storage providers have become increasingly popular. In fact it have become the most convenient method for storing data with enhanced collaboration methods. It has reached a level where organizations can undoubtedly depend on and thrive in the competition. These sites […]

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Sesamedisk by NiHao Cloud is GDPR Compliant

Disclaimer: This post does not serve as legal advice and should be considered only as guidelines in your GDPR or China cyber-security planning. Therefore you should work with your legal counsel to make the right decisions based on your business needs and circumstances. ​What is GDPR? General Data Privacy Regulation, or GDPR, takes effect on […]

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IP loss in China

IP (Intellectual Property) loss in China; 6 most common mistakes SMEs & entrepreneurs make. This article is about IP loss landscape in mainland China. We did a summary analysis of the 6 more common mistakes companies make. here are the results, therefore let’s just get to it. 1. First let’s understanding the IP Legal Landscape […]

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GFW; How does it work?

GFW or the Great Firewall of the China is the subject of this article. As you might guess we will discuss the basics you need to understand of how it works. After reading this you should be able have a discussion about the GFW. Aside you will be able to continue a deeper research on […]